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The word YOGA comes to the Indo-European root ‘yui’ back. ‘Yui’ means zusamenführen- well together bind. Translated from the Sanskrit Yoga so much ‘nothing to control’ as. and is in the context Yoga Calm or ‘tying’ the thoughts and the mind.
In Indian culture, history can be distinguished for YOGA three different fields of meaning:
1. YOGA as a generic term for a series of practical exercises and healing techniques.
2. YOGA as a name for one of the six classical systems of Indian thought that the term ‘Darshana’ (Sanskrit = the view that review)
     are summarized.
3. YOGA as a general term for skill, ability, technique and association.

Yoga comes from India and appeared for the first time in the period of Vedism (ca. 1500-900 BC.) On. The Vedism together with Brahmanism (ca. 900-300 BC.) And Hinduism (from about 300 BC.), The three main phases of Indian history of religion. During the Vedic period Yoga is rather to be found at the edge of the oficial society, one can speak of the triumph of Yoga in Brahmanism. Thus Yoga established alongside the conservative ritual ways as a practical way of salvation, who practiced the unity of external and internal world. Yoga as a means of control of the senses and thoughts in unity with the physical body has thus been realized.

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