Jnana Yoga

Jnana Yoga

Jnana means knowledge, knowledge.
It is the Yoga path which aims at the realization of the highest truth and the realization of oneness with God.

In Jnana Yoga, this is achieved through true knowledge and the clear distinction between reality and non-reality (the ephemeral world of phenomena). By means of exploring the question “Who am I?” Eliminates the Jnana Yoga Art ignorance (Avidya), the false identification of the self with the ego. Jnana Yoga is thus a way of liberation (Moksha) through knowledge of an eternal unchanging reality (Brahman), also called “self.” It is based on the Vedanta philosophy, the philosophy of the Absolute, which was heavily influenced by texts of the great sage Adi Shankara. Jnana Yoga is considered to be the most difficult, but also as a direct path to knowledge. Through the process of “neti, neti” (not this, not that) comes the Yogi from unreal to the real.
With words, the reality can be described approximately and imperfectly – why are words only a guide. The ultimate teacher is the silence and his own experience. Through experience and vivid spectacle is from the “head knowledge” “heart knowledge” – Jnana is thus an existential recognition. Means deep insight into the true nature of phenomena is the Jnana Yogi eternally one with the Supreme Self. His thinking, feeling, understanding, action will be completely transformed. The meditation, introspection, leads to the realization of non-duality (Advaita) and for self-realization. For Jnana Yogis there is no necessity, therefore, to look at the outside.
Jnana Yoga is divided into four steps:

1) Sravana: listening to the wisdom from the mouth of a self-realized
2) Manana: own reflection or reflection of what is heard
3) Nididhyasana: acquire meditation and so access to the intuitive comprehension
4) Anubhava: Full realization and answering all questions and the Jnana Yogi realizes the truth and thereby his own self
(And one arrives at Moksha, liberation).

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