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My name is Radharani Katrin Hertel

After studying business administration at the University in Leipzig I gained professional experience in management positions of various companies.
In 1998 I was in a particular situation in a holistic life and to own yoga practice. I experienced
as could be solved by intensive, daily yoga practice energy blocks and I could find back to inner balance and its own resources. Since then, a holistic life and the daily yoga practice are an integral part of my life.
It evolved in this time also a very strong desire for a holistic, professional task. I graduated in 2008 at Yoga Vidya in Bad Meinberg, the leading yoga training center in Europe – training as a yoga teacher BYV that further training for yoga teachers Intensive A3, the continuing „business yoga“ and the Ayurvedic training „Ayurveda, beauty, spa and cosmetics „.
The Yoga teacher appreciation by the health insurance companies is planned in preparation and in autumn 2015th
Membership in professional association BYV is for me an important basis of my work.
Since the Yoga Teacher Training a deep love for yoga and a great joy and fulfillment is experienced in me to be able to pass on the love of yoga and my yoga experience as yoga teacher. I experience a deep gratitude to the teachers of Yoga Yoga Vidya in Bad Meinberg, who have accompanied me on my path of yoga in this period, especially Sukadev Volker Bretz, the heads of all Yoga Vidya centers in Germany, Sitaram Kube and Kamala. Through them I learned yoga in the tradition of Swami Sivananda and Swami Vishnu Devananda to teach.
Through my daily yoga practice, by its own instructors experience and private lessons since I was able to gain valuable experience as a yoga teacher.
After 10 years of very successful, professional activity in the insurance field there Fiehl me now easy to just let go and so I live since 2014 my dream of owning a yoga studio.I am pleased to accompany you on your path of yoga.
Radharani Katrin Hertel

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